Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Flush Carpet

Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat

Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Flush Carpet

Size: 12′ x 6′ x 1/4″
Material: Foam
Shape: Runner
What we like: Premium quality, protects the floor, 100% safe material

Gorilla Mats is the #1 brand that produces the most top class mats for workouts in the entire marketplace. This extra-large exercise flush carpet mat is a great option for you if you’re looking for a premium mat for your basement. It’s made with super-premium foam that’s designed to give you the best performance and longevity.

It has a super premium build that’s meant to last you a lifetime. So, you won’t have to sweat over replacements anytime sooner, which is amazing. Also, it’s super easy to install as you’ll just have to unroll it in place to complete the setup. And you’ll be able to use that right away. To store it, you just need to reverse the process and roll it back and place it wherever you want.

This mat also provides superior protection to your basement floor. And that way you don’t have to worry about placing your gym equipment on the floor anymore. It’s super shock absorbent as well, so super heavyweights won’t do any damage to your basement’s surface.

Also, the design is pretty sleek as well. That’ll help to give your basement a more classy look, and that might help to lift your state while exercising as well. Also, it has got non-slip backing, which makes it safer to do all your workouts on. Overall, it’s just a perfect flush carpet mat for your basement, and it’s definitely worth every single penny.

So, if you’re searching for a premium quality mat for your basement and willing to pay a bit extra for it, you can go for this one without any doubt. It’ll give you the best service that you can ask for in a mat.

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