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Best Non-Slip Stair Carpets of 2021

Best Non-Slip Stair Carpets of 2021

Placing carpets on the stairs can instantly elevate the look of your house interior. But getting the non-slip carpet treads for steps is super crucial.

Normal carpet treads won’t stick to the stairs, and it can cause serious accidents. You must avoid such stair treads at all costs if you don’t get injured. An anti-slip carpet can solve such an issue, and you can use them without any worries.

But how do you find carpet mats for stairs that are non-slip and will ensure better safety? We’ll review 3 of the best non-slip stair carpets of 2021 from all the treads available out there.

Top 3 Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads

Let’s check out 3 of the best stair treads non slip for your stairs in great detail so that you can pick the best one for your home interior.

RIOLAND Visual Beauty Carpet for Indoor Stair

Size: 8×30 inches
Shape: Rectangular
Material: Polymer
What we like: Amazing durability, super easy to clean, best value for money


Rioland produces some of the best quality stair treads across the market. And this one is one of their best visual beauty carpet ranges that you can get for your money. It’s anti-slip, made to last, and just feels amazing on your feet.

It’s made with high-quality polymer material, which ensures exceptional longevity. So, even in the high traffic areas, these treads will hold up pretty well. Not to mention, the rubber backings on the back of the carpet have a great grip on the stairs, and they won’t go anywhere. That’s crucial for the safety of you and your family members.

This Rioland stair carpet is super easy to install as well. It’ll literally take you 10 minutes to get done with the whole process, which is pretty fast. And the best thing about it is that the installation doesn’t damage your stairs even a bit.

Just cut the carpet however you want, and place time onto the stairs. It’s that simple and takes literally no effort or time. That really takes a lot of hassle off of your head, which is great. Also, you can clean these carpets pretty easily, and that’s super helpful as well.

Now, you can have a whole lot of features on a stair carpet, but if it’s not comfortable on the feet, then it’s definitely not worth it. But fortunately, this Rioland visual beauty carpet is super soft and comfortable on the feet as well. And overall, it’s undoubtedly the best non-slip stair treads carpet that you can get for your money. It has all the features you need for safety, comfort, and will last you for a long time as well.

CrystalMX Non-Slip Making Waves Carpet Stair Treads

Size: 8×30 inches
Material: Polymer
Shape: Rectangular
What we like: Easy maintenance, effective anti-slip, sleek design


Next up, we are going to take a look at a non-slip stair carpet by CrystalMX. If you love modern design, then you are going to fall in love with these making waves carpet stair treads. These are durable, soft on the feet, and have an amazing design.

With the ease of sizing down as much as you want, you get the flexibility to choose how much carpet you want to keep. That gives you better flexibility to get a perfect fit on the stairs. Also, it literally takes a few minutes to get the carpet in place, which is pretty amazing. If you want to take them off, you can take them off easily as well. It won’t even leave any marks, and that’s pretty amazing.

The quality is another great plus point of these stair treads. It’s guaranteed to provide superior longevity, and you won’t have to replace the carpets anytime sooner. That helps to save money as well. Not to mention, these are super soft on the feet and have a seamless surface. So, you won’t have to worry about any itchiness, irritation, or discomfort while using this carpet for the stairs. Overall, it has all the features and specs to ensure that you have the best user experience.

But the making waves carpet design is what makes it the best stair treads that you can find out there. It looks amazing and helps to elevate the look of your house interior instantaneously. So, if you’d like to get gorgeous carpet treads for the stairs, then this is undoubtedly a no-brainer option for you. Give it a try, and you’ll absolutely love it.

Seloom Removable Non-Slip Marquis Carpet Stair Treads

Size: 8×30 inches
Material: Polymer
Shape: Rectangular
What we like: Premium build quality, maximum safety, looks amazing

Finally, we are going to review premium carpet stair treads by Seloom. These are undoubtedly the best possible options for you, and you can’t find any better marquis carpet stair treads for your money. These are crafted super well, have a sleek design, and leaves no risk of accidents.

It uses a removable adhesive technology that locks the carpet in place. That way the carpet doesn’t slip out from its place, which is very crucial for a stair carpet. Also, the rubber backing doesn’t require any anti-slip tape or additional glue, which helps to save money and doesn’t leave glue marks on the stairs. So, it’s actually a perfect non slip stair treads for wood stairs.

This stair carpet has a good thickness to it, and that makes it perfect for someone who has pets in the house. Pets such as dogs or cats can easily ruin thin stair treads with their paws. But thanks to the 0.2-inch thick material, this carpet can withstand these issues with its worn resistance.  So, it’ll last you a very long time, which helps you to save money.

Also, these carpets are super easy to keep clean. You can vacuum them to get most of the dirt and debris out of them. These can also be machine washed, and they won’t shrink after that, which is pretty impressive.

However, it is a bit stretched on the price tag, and it’s actually a bit more pricey compared to other stair carpets that you find out there. But if you’ve got the money for it, then you should go for these amazing marquis carpet stair treads over anything else. It’ll give back the most value for your investment, and that’s a guarantee.

Final Thoughts

These were 3 of the best non-slip stair carpets of 2021 that you can get from the market. As you saw, these are all great non-slip carpets that you can get for your stairs. 

Now, you can go for any of these carpet stair treads and it’ll provide you the best safety and experience you can ask for. But if you can spare a few extra bucks to get a premium quality one, then go for the Seloom carpets. But if you don’t want to spend extra money, then go for any one of these by all means. Each of these three is the best slip resistant stair treads available on the market.

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