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Elogio Non-Slip Stairway Primrose Lane Carpet Rugs

ElogioNon-Slip Stairway Primrose Lane Carpet Rugs

  • Size: 8”X30”
  • Material: PET
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • What we like: Comes with double-sided tape

Elogio non-slip primrose lane carpet stairway rugs are both stylish and durable. You can instantly turn your stairway from slippery to safe by placing these rugs on the stairs. These rugs make your stairs safer and easier to climb for children, pets and the elderly and also prevent noise. Even though it has a non-slip back, it comes with double-sided carpet tape that will act as an extra measure against slipperiness.

The fabric of the carpet is made of Polypropylene fiber. It is not only safe to use with bare feet but also comfortable. Despite being soft and comfortable, the material is sturdy. It is difficult to stain these carpets but very easy to clean if you do. Just use vacuum or a damp cloth if you want a deeper clean. It is also very easy to install. You just have to place them on your stairs and done!

The double measure of anti-slip and double-sided carpet tape means that you no longer have to worry if your children run up the stairs. A previously slippery surface can be completely transformed into a non-slippery surface just through the use of these mats. No complicated renovations are required. The key feature of these mats is that they can transform any surface be it wood or ceramic or tiles, into a non-slippery surface.

Even though this primrose lane carpet is usable on any surface, it is especially good for wooden floors as it prevents scratches. Don’t think twice before buying this product if you are looking for something that is anti-slip, durable, easy to clean and affordable.

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