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EdenProducts Non-Slip Envision Stair Carpet Treads

EdenProducts Non-Slip Envision Stair Carpet Treads

  • Size: 8”X30”
  • Material: Synthetic wool blend
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • What we like:adhesive anti-slip material and machine washable.

If you are looking for some Envision stair carpet treads, then Eden Productsstair carpet treads are just what you need. The size of the product makes it easy to fit on most stairs. It is safe to use by children, pets and the elderly.

The quality of the fabric is top notch. The stair tread mats are made of high-quality wool blends that are soft, durable and reliable. The rugs feel soft on bare feet but the fabric is also tough and resists staining and soiling. The bottom of the rugs come with an anti-slip surface that prevents slipping. The rugs can be placed on floors of all materials and can be removed and re-positioned without losing the adhesivity. This is because the adhesivityis only activated when the rug is placed on the floor, there is no glue or permanent adhesive that can be felt to the touch.

One important feature of the rugs is that they are easy to clean. This is a very important feature of any rug used on the staircase as they get heavy foot traffic. Though the fabric will not soil or stain easily, even if your dog comes from outside with dirty feet or your child drops food on the stairs, it is fairly easy to clean the rugs using a vacuum. They are also machine washable.

Try out the Eden Products Envision stair carpet treads if you are looking for both style and durability! This product will give your home a premium look while being adept for everyday use.

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