Genteele Non Slip Memory Foam Blush Carpet

Genteele Non Slip Memory Foam Blush Carpet

Size: Various
Material: Velvet, memory foam
Shape: Rectangular
What we like: Feels and looks luxurious

Give yourself the pampering you deserve with the Genteele non slip memory foam blush carpet bath mat. When you come home after a day of work and you take a bath or shower, you just want to relax and unwind without worrying about getting the floor wet. It has happened to most people: you step out of the shower without drying yourself and before you know it, the floor is wet. With this mat, you will no longer have this problem as it is highly absorbent.

Genteele Non Slip Memory Foam bath mat will enhance your bathing experience. With its soft memory foam and velvet surface, this mat is pure luxury. The back has PVC dots that will hold the rug in place, just make sure that you don’t place it on a wet floor. This mat comes in different sizes so it can be placed in front of the sink or shower or beside the bathtub. It also comes in many different colors.

The Genteele non slip memory foam bath mat is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It is machine washable and dryable. No matter how many times it is washed, the color won’t fade. The adhesiveness of the PVC dots will also not be affected either.

The elegant and charming look of the Genteele Non Slip Memory Foam blush carpet will make any bathroom or powder room look chic. If you are in the market for a bath mat that looks good, feels good and is extremely easy to maintain, then this is the one for you!

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