Washable Bathroom Gilmer Hardwoods Door Mat

Gentsing Washable Bathroom Gilmer Hardwoods Door Mat

Size: Various
Material: Microfiber
Shape: Rectangular
What we like: high pile and water absorbent

Gentsing Washable Bathroom Door Mat will make your bathroom look as cozy as possible. This gilmer hardwoods high pile rug is as soft as it can get. Feel like you are stepping on clouds when you step out of your bath. The rug absorbs a great deal of water and dries really fast. If you want a rug that looks great and feels great then this is the one for you.

This high pile rug has a height of about 1.35 inches while other similar products in the market are about 1.28 inches. The material of the rug is microfiber which not only feels soft but is also durable. The water that they soak in is retained by the rugs and they dry fast preventing mold or mildew.

The high pile of rugs gives them a posh and luxurious look. The pile does not shed at all and allows the rugs to be folded for storage. They come in a variety of sizes and colors which means that you are sure to find the right size and right color for your space.

As bathroom floors tend to get wet, it’s really important to have a mat that absorbs water. This mat keeps the floor dry by absorbing water. It is especially useful for drying yourself after getting out of the bath or shower as this is the time when the floor usually ends up getting wet.

The Gentsing Washable Bathroom Door Mat is extremely easy to clean and maintain as it is machine washable and dryer safe. Its gilmer hardwoods rubber bottom does not get eroded by washing and drying and retains its adhesiveness which is really important for creating an anti-slip environment.

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