Ultra Soft Water Absorbent Gray Plush Carpet

Ultra Soft Water Absorbent Gray Plush Carpet

Size: Various
Material: Microfiber
Shape: Rectangular
What we like: Feels soft and absorbs a large amount of water

If you are a busy person, balancing work and life, then your bath time might be the only relaxing “me” time that you get during your day. Space, where you relax and unwind, should be neat and cozy. The ultra soft water absorbent gray plush carpet looks good, feels good, and is very useful because it can absorb a lot of water.

The bath rug is made from premium microfiber materials that absorbs water in seconds. It comes in a few different sizes so whether you have a small bathroom or large bathroom, you will find the right one for you. There are also five different colors available.

The bottom of the mat has TPR that makes the mat anti-slip. As bathrooms often get wet or damp, it’s very important for you and your family’s safety that you use an anti-slip rug. The mat can be washed and dried by machine without having any impact on the adhesiveness of the bottom.

If you are looking for a gray plush carpet that will keep your floor dry and non-slippery then this is the one for you. We all know how wet the bathroom floor can get if you step out of the shower or bath without drying yourself first. This mat is perfect to stand on while you dry yourself after leaving the bath or shower, especially if you have long wet hair that drips all over the place. The mat will absorb all stray droplets of water without making the floor slippery and wet.

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