Yimobra Original Gray Carpet Colors Bath Mat

Yimobra Original Gray Carpet Colors Bath Mat

Size: Various
Material: Microfiber
Shape: Various
What we like: high pile and quick to dry

Yimobra Original Luxury Shaggy Bath Mat is a thick high pile rug for your bathroom. It looks and feels cozy and surely beats the cold bathroom floor. These microfiber gray carpet colors bathroom mats absorb a lot of water and are quick to dry, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh.

The material of the rug is a microfiber and it is machine washable and dryer safe. It has an adhesive non-slip back that does not get affected by washing or drying. It comes in a variety of colors that don’t fade on washing.

You can place these gray carpet colors mats in a variety of places, in front of the sink or beside the bath, because they come in a variety of sizes. These mats are attractive enough for any bathroom, be it your own personal bathroom or the guest bathroom.

Nobody likes to step out of the shower or bath and onto a cold, wet floor. This mat will keep your feet warm and your floor dry. It is easy to clean and maintain and perfect for any bathroom. Despite having a high pile, it won’t stay wet for long.

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